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Roofing & Improvements of Pawcatuck, Connecticut serves the Greater Westerly, Rhode Island and Southeastern Connecticut area in Residential and Commercial Roofing, Sheet Metal, Siding, and Home Improvement services.

Over the recent years, composition asphalt has become a significantly more popular choice of roof for many homeowners due to its flexibility and affordability. Because of this, Roofing & Improvements of Pawcatauck, CT has installed thousands of composition asphalt roofs around the Connecticut and Rhode Island area. Our experience allows us to complete the installation of this type roof in a much shorter time frame than other competing styles.

Beyond their timely and cost-effective installation, composition asphalt roofs are available in a variety of colors and designs from Roofing & Improvements, allowing it to be adaptable to nearly any type of home. Regardless of whether your house displays a contemporary or historic design, we guarantee a composition asphalt roof will compliment the look nicely.

With the sheer amount of composition asphalt roofs in existence today, the customization options of this popular style have become nearly limitless. In other words, regardless of the type of home you live in, this roof can be adapted to fit your needs. In addition, composition asphalt roofs also require little to no maintenance and are easily repaired.

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