HollaAtcha Gwalla Music Artist Website

In high anticipation of HollaAtcha Gwalla's "Smooth Mayhem" EP release, XC Media Design designed and launched the HollaAtcha Gwalla's website in less then two weeks. HollaAtcha Gwalla is an up and coming New London Connecticut hip hop/rap artist who is making waves all along the east coast in the urban community! HollaAtcha Gwalla's website will serve as an online gallery of videos, music, PayPal driven eCommerce store to showcase HollaAtcha Gwalla's professional collection of records, videos, and more. This project [...]

Luxury Laces

Luxury Laces is a jewelry business that provides today’s celebrity fashions to customers at a bargain price. All the products are officially licensed by the hit television show “The Jersey Shore” and products can be scene being worn by todays top celebs including DMX, Drake, The Situation, Pauly D, 50 Cent, Kobe Bryant and many more! XC Media Design hand designed the Luxury Laces Website and graphically enhanced it with stunning Graphic Designs in the header and product pages. XC [...]