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Westerly RI Website Backup & Website MigrationXC Media Design, LLC of Westerly, Rhode Island understands that there are many threats on the internet, from hackers, to malicious codes that can take your website offline… for good! Without a backup of the website, your hard spent work and money could be down the drain!

That’s where XC Media Design excels! Our Backup & Migration service will have your website backup in no time! Even if your having a horrible time with your current hosting company. We have the power and skills to move your entire website from your current hosting service to another, no matter which you choose!


  • Back Ups: Incremental WordPress backups that will never overload your server or your site.
  • Security: We make sure your backups are placed offline and encrypted.
  • Same Day Migration: Need you site moved today? We can do that!

For further information about Our Backup & Migration services, please Contact XC Media Design for a free consultation.