Practice Safe Design: Use a Concept

underconstructionXC Media Design’s Web Maintenance service can keep your new or current Website and Mobile Website up to date and efficiently productive. We understand that your site needs to stay fresh and that clean, up to date Websites and Mobile Websites generate high traffic.

It is no secret that both visitors and search engines prefer to visit a freshly updated site where content is added and deleted on a regular basis. Giving the eye something new to see (and getting rid of the old, out dated) is key to keeping that same eye on the site! What ever your business needs, XC Media Design of Rhode Island and Connecticut has a Web Maintenance Service Plan that will optimize your site and soar your online earnings.

Various forms of Website Maintenance include:

  • Content Updates – Text, Product, and Image Updates
  • Backlinking – Creating links that point back to your Website and Mobile Website
  • Site Backup Creation – We can backup your entire Website and Mobile Website and encrypt it
  • Analytic Reports – Such as Google and Yahoo!
  • Website and Mobile Website Hosting
  • SEO Reports

We will build a website maintenance plan that can work for your business. We provide several types of maintenance services to keep your site up to date.

For further information about Website Maintenance, please Contact XC Media Design for a free consultation.