XC Media Design recently was in a discussion with a fellow affiliate Marketing Company about which CMS platform is superior. This discussion was confined to a Facebook post so the conversation was 100% preference/opinion based, as most social networking posts are.

Here, I will provide only one, thats right, only ONE reason why WordPress is for us. Ego’s…


Yes… Ego’s…

WordPress has been around for a good while now and has progressed in ways a properly built CMS should. Not saying Joomla or Drupal has not, but it is very well known Joomla can be very buggy when updating to a newer built. In some cases, the new build can cripple the tables within the MySQL database on which the CMS Website is built.

WordPress, just like the other CMS’s named, have a plugin directory, free and premium, that is massive and written by Programmers that have a medium to high coding range. For example, some plugins enhance eCommerce capabilities and turn what was a standard “blog” into a full blown website. The numerous amount of WordPress templates available from various outlets are very well put together and coded in a way that makes “PHP coding” sense.

Now where do those “EGO’s” come in? Right where I said “medium to high coding…”.

Any CMS in 2012 can be transformed from the “blog” look into being a full blown website with TONS of capabilities such as… well… blogging, eCommerce, Portfolios, and more. My question to you is… what would you rather work with? A design that is coded clean, efficiently, and effectively… easy to handle and manipulate to your liking? Or would you rather a looped, child bearing theme that “over here”… then “over there”… making it a struggle to even implement something as simple as a Facebook Commenting system.

Ego’s… yes, ego’s… when one has something to prove, they make mistakes. Since Drupal seems to be the top runner of the corporate CMS world, Ill pick on their developers. They seem to be the worst at providing clean code. Seems backwards doesnt it? Well, where there are bigger “ego’s” (Developers trying to out do each other), thats what happens.

WordPress has it fair share of ego’s also, please dont get me wrong. I would just rather deal with smaller coding that is easy to correct then a large massive ball of “crap code”. Makes sense right? Small ball of yard to untangle or a large one? I Prefer the smaller, thank you very much kind CMS developers!

I personally, have been a Web Developer and Programmer for years. My expertise is PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. Im not to shabby at Java and JQuery either. I prefer WordPress for CMS needs and HTML/CSS for small business with static, small change websites. Never would I recommend anyone without programming knowledge of MySQL or PHP to ever use a CMS without the hand of a programmer.

Below is a fantastic video from killersites.com that gives good feedback on Joomla, WordPress, and Web Design in general. Be sure to check out their website. Great resource for Web Design talk!