XC Media Design of Westerly, Rhode Island has been developing eye popping Website Designs and Mobile Website Designs for many years. The number one question we are asked by our Website visitors and new clients is “how long will it take you to develop my Website”?

The truth is… who knows! It could take an afternoon, a week, a month, two months, a year… or more!

It all depends on the degree of greatness you want to take your new Website to. For example, a small 5 page Website based on a simple layout formula could take as little as one day to design and implement. On the other hand, taking a concept that is not approved in a timely that includes custom graphics, logos, buttons, and other variables, 30 custom pages with custom content, and has top notch SEO could take 4-6 weeks.

Rarely does this type of Website need to be implemented as most small businesses are looking more of a search engine (SEO) impact than long and diverse content.

Still, many factors come into play when developing a Website that could halt production. Some of the most common occurrences we see are:

  • Delay in Content and Content Approval. More times then none, several departments and individuals have their hand in the Website pot. Approvals are to be made by many different entities and this halts production and often leads to many different changes and emotions coming into the design of the Website. We ask that their be only one main contact for designing the Website. This makes this process run much smoother. We also ask that the content that the client wants to implement is sent to the us in a timely manner. The longer the client waits to give us the content for their Website… the longer it is going to take us to place it on the Web!
  • Illness, Vacations, and Holidays. Everyone gets sick. Everyone needs a breather. Everyone celebrates or at least takes the day off for the holidays. Building a Website in December versus June could mean the difference between 2 weeks and 4 weeks turn around time.
  • Small Changes that Turn into Large Ones. We see a lot of older companies that have been in business for years have this issue the most. The father who founded the business wants something this way. The son who now runs most of the day to day operations wants it this way. This is very counter productive and will only create a mess and worse yet, confrontation between the two family members. Sitting down and going over the reason for the design is key. Is it better SEO? Is it to be more eye catching? Draw a circle around your main goal and then branch out from there. What is the 2nd most important key? Pros and cons! The method never fails!

In short, its up to design firm and the client to come to terms with what the overall time frame will be in producing a new Website Design. Many factors can help or hurt the design process. Keeping everything that goes into the process in order and timely is the key to a great design that is produced before both the designer’s and client’s epitaph is written!