XC Media Design is a full service Website Design and Social Media Marketing Firm located in Westerly, Rhode Island. In other words, we are located right where Superstorm Sandy decided to destroy. Our physical location was spared greatly (we only lost power for 3 days) but many in our community were not as lucky, mainly at our beach side resorts in Misquamicut (click to see images and read a news article from NBC Connecticut).

Many of our clients in this seaside part of town have asked what they can do in the future to make sure that their data, including usernames, passwords, files, website backups, and other volatile information is not lost forever.

The first and easiest way is to hire a firm that specializes in data backup. These firms understand what and how to backup your data on a basis set by the end user (you!). There are literally hundreds of firms that could easily help you with backing up your entire PC or Mac. Some companies include: Carbonite, Norton Online backup, and the easiest of all of them… Dropbox. XC Media Design does not use any of the above, but we do recommend them for small business with data backup needs.

We recommend using a large external storage device that is easily transported in case evacuations are required. The user can easily plugin a NAS drive (this is what the device is called) to any other PC or Mac, run the install software, and retrieve all of backed up data. Some know-how is needed to use a NAS drive but this can be easily learned by anyone with a decent background in Computers and file structures. The Western Digital My Book Live is a fantastic option in this genre and also has iOS and Android software that can be used to get information onto your smartphone and/or tablet! The mobile software is sold separately in the OS’s app store’s. Check your devices store to confirm.

Keeping a couple thumb drives (or flash drives) that are large enough to fill with all of your sensitive information is also highly recommended. In the days ahead of the storm, you can easily stick the drive in the USB slot, copy the files that are needed over, and grab and go! Local venders such as Staples and Walmart all carry this option.

For passwords, we recommend a secure password management system. 1Password is our preference. It is easily synced to all devices including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and more! When you hear about the storm or flood coming, simply copy the file that contains the information to your storage area! Simple!

For Mac, iPhone, and iPad users, there is iCloud. This service is limited but for storing contacts, emails, and images but it can come in very handy to restore all your contacts, emails, and images to a new device if the old device is destroyed.

In conclusion, putting off backing up your data is a giant NO NO! The northeast region of the country learned this fact only two weeks ago and some are still putting the pieces back together. For a small business that lost all its files, usernames, passwords, and other documents needed for the functioning of the business, this could be the nail in the coffin! Better to be safe then sorry… mom was right… wasn’t she!?

If you need help with any system backups, please contact XC Media Design at 401.218.9277 or by using the contact form/email link located here.