HollaAtcha Gwalla Website

In high anticipation of HollaAtcha Gwalla’s “Smooth Mayhem” release, XC Media Design is pleased to announce the launch of the HollaAtcha Gwalla’s website.

HollaAtcha Gwalla is an up and coming New London Connecticut hip hop/rap artist who is making waves all along the east coast in the urban community!

HollaAtcha Gwalla’s website will serve as an online gallery of videos, music, PayPal driven eCommerce store to showcase HollaAtcha Gwalla’s professional collection of records, videos, and more.

This project involved WordPress Website Design, implementation and deployment of a website, and a Content Management System (CMS), as well as eCommerce ability driven by PayPal.

A CMS based website is very important to business owners who have a lot of videos, images, or text that will be updated frequently. The websites owner will be able to easily add, configure, and remove images, video, and text as they see fit. The updates which the owner makes will instantly appear on the website.

This website is also responsive which means it adapts to the size of the monitor being used to view the website. It is mobile friendly!

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