XC Media Design has launched the website design and online ordering system for Westerly Online Ordering Systems of Westerly, RI.

Westerly Online Ordering Systems (a DBA of XC Media Design, a Westerly, RI Website Design and Internet Marketing Studio) has the following as a business model:

“Your Menu, Our Platform: Partnered Destined For Online Success

10%, 15%, 30%? How much does the other online ordering systems take? Who’s really in charge?

Big portals tell you what to do, keep your clients for themselves and hope to resell them back to you as orders. Do you also see a problem here?

Our progressive approach and features won’t just make your restaurant online ordering system set it’s self up for years of success, it will elevate your business, blast your ROI, and become another revenue stream. The best part? Each feature is easy to use, so you can focus on your restaurant… We’ll take care of the rest!”

Westerly Online Ordering Systems is built using WordPress CMS. The online ordering demo located within the website was built and is provided by XC Media Design’s “Westerly Online Ordering Systems” department.

A CMS based website is very important to business owners who have a lot of videos, images, or text that will be updated frequently. The website owner will be able to easily add, configure, and remove images, video, and text as they see fit.

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