10/18/2014 – XC Media Design is now accepting appointments for its new “Internet Safety Workshop”.

The workshop, which is about an hour long, is designed to help parents, business owners, and every day individuals become aware of and how to handle Internet related crimes such as Identity Theft, Hoaxes/Scams, and more. XC Media Design will also give a hands of demonstration on how to teach children to use Social Media, Cell Phones & other Internet Ready Devices, and how to avoid Dangerous People & Sites while using the Internet. Questions will also be answered.

The workshop will be one-on-one and conducted by Jae, XC Media Design’s President, Sr. Web Developer, and SEO Specialist. He is an Alumni of CCRI with an Associates Degree in Computer Science (Web Technologies). He also has over a decade experience in Computer Crimes and Computer Forensics.

Please visit this page to learn more…