rhode-island-connecticut-wordpress-malware-virus-cleaningXC Media Design has had an alarming amount of inquiries lately in regards to cleaning up websites that have been infected with a vicious little piece of malware. Many of the hacked websites have an issue of where a visitor views the website via either desktop and mobile and gets redirected to another website or bombarded with popups, many being of the porn dissent. Luckily, XC Media Design is especially trained in this little injected codes. Heres the little on them.

The infection is called a “rogueads.unwanted_ads” malware entry. Its description is: Various malicious injections that result in displaying ads (or opening pop-up or pop-under windows)without site owner’s consent. Such injections may utilize scripts from legitimate ad networks.

XC Media Design has a 100% success rate at ridding any website of this pesky little code, most the time in under an hour. We have the expertise to evaluate the issue and how to get rid of all traces of the malware/virus, for good. Please view the image to see how we can help you site, just like we did for the example in the image.

If you are have a similar issue with your website, do not wait. Call us at 401.326.4460 or email us at Service@XCMediaDesign.com to discuss ridding your website of this issue before your visitors take their business else where.