We’re all addicted. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are. We are addicted as it gets to social media. We all know what comes with being on social media and its rabbit hole. Rather than falling down it, let’s try to limit the cesspooling.

Here are 8 reasons to unfollow people on social media:

1. They Post Too Much

“We get it, bro”.

We have all thought this when reading someones posts, am I right?

2. Their Posts Make You Feel Annoyed, Angry, or “Not You”.

We all have also seen posts that show or state some really awful news, or what not. Instead of allowing these posts to murder your mood and day, don’t let them in to begin with.

3. Their Posts Are Relatable

Just because you know someone “IRL” doesn’t mean you’re besties online. They still dig what they dig, and you dig what you dig. No need to follow and pretend to love glitter on kittens if you can’t stand felines.

4. You Find Yourself Complaining About Their Posts

If you bring up to your partner over a classy dinner out how, “Jane/Jeff posted (insert topic here) and I think”, it’s time to let them go. Sure, Jane/Jeff are awesome. But, are their posts’ dinner convo awesome?

5. You Don’t Like What They Represent

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is a great place to connect with the high school friend from 25 years ago. It’s amazing to reconnect, but in time, you might see that their morals, or way of life isn’t exactly for you. No biggie. Just unfollow. No harm, no foul.

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