Google and all of its major services were interrupted in China on Friday. The Communist Party was meeting also Friday to appoint new leaders, a first in over a decade.

Coincidence? We would like to think “not” here in America.

In a “transparency report“, a tool designed by Google to monitor traffic and service interruptions, China can still be seen at the top of the list as “All Google services inaccessible” as reported by Bloomberg.” We have checked and there is nothing wrong on our end”, a Google Representative told CNNMoney.

Even with the outages reasons unclear, it came only 24 hours after the beginning of China’s 18th National Congress. This “once every decade” meeting is held to help elect new leaders in the communist country.

Greatfire, a website that collects data related to what it calls “the great firewall of China” posted “The fact that Google is blocked now is surely no coincidence”, on its popular website Friday. “The big question is whether it will be unblocked again once the congress is over”. We are also wonder the same question over here at XC Media Design.

The relationship between Google and China was never smooth as Edy’s Vanilla Ice Cream. Google mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible” which is basically as polar opposite as China’s mission could be.

In January 2010, Google was tempted to shut down all of its Chinese websites, including The reasoning was over citing censorship rules and the discovery of targeted cyber attacks on its network(s). 60 days later, the company agreed to stop censoring searches on and automatically redirect Chinese users to the Hong Kong site which is virtually uncensored.

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