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Get out your tin foil hats! We are all doomed!

Well, I’m not sure if its that bad, but I guess there is some room for concern. Google not only owns many data farms but now uses your cell phone to gather information regarding where you have been, for up to the past 30 days.

As reported by Elizabeth Flux on the website, you are being tracked.

All you have to do is click here. Log in with the same account you use on your smart phone or tablet, and the a red web will appear showing everywhere you have been for the last day up to the last month.


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Not for nothing, I wouldn’t be SUPER concerned. Our movements have been tracked without our knowledge for years. Now we have the technology to actually see the tracking, we are all scared or pissed off regarding it? I’m not sold on the apocalypse coming for this reason, but yes, it is a privacy issue, and seeing we all willingly post our the daily happenings of our lives on mutiple social media outlets all the time, Id assume this would be a hot topic…. (send in the sarcasm!)