iPhone Prototype on eBay

Image Credited to Macrumors.com

As noted in MacRumors.com, a prototype of the iPhone 4 has surfaced in fantastic working condition. The listing included a number of very high quality images which clearly showed zero Apple branding on the back. The trademark had been replaced with a very nifty looking “eyeball circle” type of shape that had been seen in early prototype’s of the same iPhone. In addition to the logo, “Prototype” has replaced the standard “iPhone” text along with FCC warnings that the prototype had not been cleared for take off (nice pun? We didn’t think so either).

Sonny Dickson also provided a video of the iPhone Prototype showing off several of the features of the device including the software and some other of the many differentiations of this iPhone.



So, what do the XC Media Design readers think? Is the iPhone real? Is it really a prototype of the iPhone 4? Let us know below in a post!

UPDATE: The iPhone prototype received a $4500.00 bid. The owner of the auction then stated that the iPhone prototype auction would be halted if a bid of $10,000.00 was received. The auction was pulled minutes later.