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According to the U.S. Census, 80% of all U.S. households have Internet usage, with many having more then 4 Internet capable devices. This is not including the amount of Internet ready businesses.

Hundreds of millions of U.S. citizens are vulnerable to Internet Scams, Identity Theft, Acquiring a Negative Online Reputation, Crimes against Children, and more. Privacy and American Business released a study saying 1 in 5 Americans identify themselves as a victim of identity theft. Researchers there estimated the crime has hit a staggering 44 million people. Is your family and/or business ready to fight this new age crime? Is your child equipped with the knowledge to use the Internet safely?

XC Media Design is a leading Westerly, Rhode Island based Website Design studio that has a professional team that has learned a few things about Internet Safety, Internet Crime, and how to avoid high risk websites. We are certified in Computer Forensics (MacOS, Windows, and Linux) and Cybersecurity by Google and IBM. We will gladly share our professional knowledge with you!

A few of our hands on demonstrations subjects include:

  • Identifying Dangerous People & Websites
  • Protecting Computers & Personal Data

  • Avoiding Hoaxes & Scams

  • Communicating on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media

  • Remaining Safe on Gaming & Interaction Influenced websites, like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, FaceBook Gaming, UStream, YouNow, Mixer, Periscope, and more

  • Cell Phone & Internet Ready Gaming Unit Safety

  • Safety Tips to Teach Children

  • Protecting Your Internet/Online Reputation

  • Identification of Keywords and Antics used within the Unsavory Communities, Including Child Endangerment, Sex Trafficking, and Sex Slavery

We would love to show you a many tips and tricks that will show you, your business, and most importantly, your family how to be safe from the dangers that lurk on the Internet.

Contact us at 401.715.9945 for scheduling and more information.

Why Choose XC Media Design

Well, we have decades of experience in all aspects of Web Technologies and are local to the greater Westerly, RI area, so we know how to SEO your site correctly to be found on the net!

We have a handful of professionals that like to challenge our own expectations who also happen to be perfectionists that don’t know when to quit making your project even more special.

XC Media Design isn’t just another Website Studio. We are thinkers, innovators, and are beyond passionate web technology nuts who are determined to re-imagine the way to do all things digital.

Creatives. Strategists. Analysts. Masterminds.

We are XC Media Design.

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