When you think of your favorite take out spot, what is the most important factor of the said restaurant that makes it so successful? Is it the taste of their pizza? The quality of their product? The service when you grab it or get it delivered? I’d say all of these play a huge part, but one other major aspect can make a restaurant’s ROI (return on investment) factor do cartwheels! Convenience.

That’s right! Good old fashion accessibility. One way to harness this tactic is to employ a system that makes it easy for your customers to order your cuisine from anywhere, at anytime, and know it can possibly be brought to their doorstep, without physically speaking to a person… at all!

In walks the almighty “Restaurant Online Ordering System“! This service the perfect way to rid a restaurant owner of all the physical barriers between their restaurant, and their the customers, all while making it easier for them to order food from your spot. #Winning! 🎉🤑

Online food ordering systems have skyrocketed by as much as 300% in most markets, including the Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts area. By not jumping on this bandwagon, you’re taking away extremely easy to earn revenue from yourself. The pandemic boosted this need even further, and not supplying a valid restaurant online ordering system at this point, is asking for failure if another lockdown happens.

That being said, there are tons of other reasons why even the smallest of food trucks should entertain having an online ordering system. Here we are to outline the top 5 reasons why.

1. Make Ordering A Seamless Process

Chances are that you have used an online food ordering system prior to reading this. If so, you understand the first reason, tenfold. Online food ordering lets the customer place an order at virtually any time, from anywhere, saving the time and resources typically spent on looking up a menu online, calling the establishment, waiting for an answer, letting the order, and so on. Having your menu ready to be ordered from, and instantly sent to you to start to prepare, is a win for both parties.

Other seamless advantages of online ordering for customers is the ability to easily reorder, the elimination of potentially waiting in a long line at the restaurant, and improved order accuracy. Offering these advantages to your customers can help boost your relationship with them and ultimately lead to them ordering more frequently from you.

2. Less Contact

While minimizing contact with your customers was a preference at one point, it’s turning to a priority at times of COVID infection surges. Getting ahead in this department can greatly reduce shut down days from employee positive COVID results. It also helps slow the spread, and ease the customer’s fears.

It also helps accommodate busy schedules and allows customers to safely send your culinary masterpieces to family and friends. Having a meal safely at one’s doorstep will likely be remembered by the party receiving. Customer earned!

3. Less Room For Error

We sort of touched on this one above, but it goes deeper than that. It’s pretty simple.

Customers need to physically pick an item on your platform, add their toppings, ask for “no salt”, and so on, ensuring the correct dish is being prepared, as well as the price of the product is agreed upon. After reviewing and submitting, an employee views the request, OK’s it, and starts the preparation knowing exactly what the customer is expecting. A take-out menu doesn’t do that.

I told you this one was simple!

4. Customers Spend More Online

We know that a larger number of customers are online and purchasing products and services using an online format more than ever these days. Order values increase when customers order online. We know this because ordering online takes less time than standing at an establishment, and voicing an order.

Online ordering also gives customers more time to make an informed decision, without feeling pressured. Food intolerances and allergies are clearly read, and the customer is able to feel comfortable with their order, with feeling “rushed”.

This leads to more items being added per order.

5. The Good & The Bad

Many restaurants have jumped on the online ordering trend by partnering with food delivery services like DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub. These companies offer restaurants to get on the bandwagon quickly and cheaply, but there are a few drawbacks.

The most important drawback is commissions on every sale. Some even charge up to 40% of the sale! Insane.

Next, while an up and comer could use the exposure that these big guys can provide, an established restaurant doesn’t need it so much. They have customers, and loyal ones at that. Why give some of your margins away, so easily? If you don’t want to pay all that commission, and voice this, they will limit how many orders they will allow on their platform. So nice of them.

Lastly, some delivery services actually clone your website, menu, and set their own prices in hopes your clients go to their website, order, and then they deliver it after picking it up. This takes more time, making the food sit longer, as well as makes the customer think your prices are outrageous.

Luckily, we got you covered!

Rhode Island & Connecticut Restaurant Online Ordering System Services

Creating ease of use for your restaurants website visitors is key to capturing the sale.

Developed with the professional restaurateur in mind and backed by a 100% reliability guarantee, XC Media Design’s Online Ordering website enhancements  powered by Westerly Online Ordering Systems combines convenient and reliable online ordering functionality with powerful marketing features for a complete eCommerce solution that is customized to fit your restaurants brand and business model.

XC Media Design’s Online Ordering Functionality Service is an extension of your restaurant

Ordering Platform Explainer

Online Ordering Demo

*Although setup is free for our online restaurant ordering system, there are many powerful add-ons that pay for themselves within minutes of launching, such as a completely branded mobile app, credit card gateway such as Stripe and PayPal for Internet purchases, sales optimized website powered using XC Media Design’s prioritized search engine optimization techniques, and advanced promotions, including coupon creation, targeting returning customers, free delivery, buy one/get one, discount programs, payment method rewards, free items with purchase, and more!

Website Designer Rhode Island Connecticut SEO
Website Designer Rhode Island Connecticut SEO
Website Designer Rhode Island Connecticut SEO

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