It’s not a secret. COVID-19, now known as simply “COVID” is the new normal. As we all were adapting to this new normal, we were hit by the new variants, Delta and Omicron. Across the nation, and world in fact, lockdowns seem to be coming back. Here is Rhode Island, masks are now being introduced back into all public settings after the state reported one of the highest daily COVID infections in a 24-hour span to date.

As we take a few steps back into a “work from home” reality, here’s what one can do to work securely.

1. Lock Down Your Area
Designate a room as your home office and keep the door locked, if you can. Ensure private conversations remain so by turning off Alexa Siri, and Google Assistant. I know… I know… tin foil hat is on. 😂

2. Clear Desk, Clear Mind
Keep all secure papers and materials out of the sight of eyes that may be able to see them. Shred the materials no longer needed. Do not simply throw them in the trash.

3. Lock That Screen Up
When you’re not using your machines, simply lock them by password protecting the “wake up from the lock screen” feature. Both Windows and MacOS employ this feature.

4. “Password4321” Doesn’t Cut It. Use Strong Passwords
Use a password manager, like Dashlane or 1Password. These will not only keep your password, credit card info, etc., 100% secure, but also help create passwords that are extremely hard to crack and hack.

5. Separate Work from Home
Using personal apps, websites, etc. while having clients info wide open, can be risky. Try to be disciplined in using personal devices for personal internet browsing.

6. Connect via VPN
A VPN (or virtual private network) makes sure your internet connection is encrypted, your information, and your online activity are extremely secure. We recommend PIA or VyprVPN.

7. Be Alert
Be diligent of who’s on your video conferences, and who’s listening behind the door to your home office. Also, what’s in the background of your webcam? Laundry or a sink full of dishes is never a good thing. 🤣

8. Secure That WiFi Access Point
Make sure all your wireless routers use WPA2 and ensure they’re protected with strong passwords. Look back at #2 above for a good password manager and creator.

9. Be Aware of Attacks
Many shady characters are using the pandemic as a tool to hack you, because many are making it easier than ever to do so. Be on the lookout for various, sketchy emails.

A few highlights of an email sent by a scammer include:

  • Start with a generic greeting like “Dear Colleague”
  • Have poor grammar, spelling mistakes, or sounds like they are from another country with their way of typing
  • Solicit personal or financial details
  • Offering items that are in high demand and hard to find
  • Demands action and a time limit to reply
  • Ask for charitable donation via unusual channels

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