Setting The Scene:

The Westerly Bulldogs have once again etched their names in the archives of youth football glory, as both the Pee Wee Micros and Seniors secured a coveted spot in the 2023 SNEYFC Super Bowl for the second consecutive year. The journey was filled with determination, resilience, and moments that will be remembered for years to come.

Pee Wee Micros: A Battle to Remember

The Pee Wee Micros faced a formidable opponent in the Stonington Bears, and the clash lived up to the hype of a championship showdown. The Micros exhibited unparalleled grit, playing their hearts out against a talented Stonington team. In a contest that kept fans on the edge of their seats, Westerly came up just one point short of clinching consecutive Super Bowl victories. The final score echoed the intensity of the match: Stonington 13 – Westerly 12. Congratulation to Stonington on an amazing season!

Juniors: Heart, Determination, and a Bright Future

While the Juniors fell just short of the playoffs, their season was nothing short of inspiring. These young athletes displayed incredible heart and determination, finishing the season on a 3-0 run. The highlight reel includes an impressive 112-12 point differential against opponents, setting the stage for a promising future for Westerly football.

Seniors: Redemption and Undefeated Glory

For the Seniors, the road to redemption was paved with undefeated determination. Having tasted the bitter pill of defeat in last year’s Super Bowl, the Seniors faced another undefeated powerhouse, the Ledyard Colonels, in this year’s championship bout. Westerly showcased unwavering resolve, dominating the game lead by a defense that’s once in a lifetime, and a strong run game, securing a triumphant victory. The final score spoke volumes: Westerly 25 – Ledyard 7. The Seniors had risen from the ashes to reclaim their glory.

Cheerleaders: The Heartbeat of Bulldog Spirit

No celebration of Westerly’s success would be complete without acknowledging the Bulldog cheerleaders. Throughout the season, they led the way with infectious energy, unwavering support, and a commitment to uplifting the spirits of players and fans alike. Their contributions were integral to the team’s success and the vibrant atmosphere surrounding every game.

The Final Whistle: Hats Off to an Amazing Year

As the curtain falls on the 2023 SNEYFC season, we raise our hats to the Westerly Pee Wee Micros, Seniors, Juniors, and the Bulldog cheerleaders. This year was a testament to the indomitable spirit of Westerly football, where setbacks transformed into comebacks, and every player showcased the true meaning of sportsmanship. Here’s to an amazing year and the promise of even greater achievements in the seasons to come.

📢 1… 2… 3… Bulldogs! 🐾🏈
📢 4… 5… 6… FAMILY! 🐾🏈

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2023 Westerly Juniors
2023 Westerly Seniors Cheer

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