As the sun began to set over the charming town of Narragansett, Rhode Island, my wife and I found ourselves seated at a cozy table at The Mariner Grille, a gem known for its exquisite culinary offerings and inviting ambiance. It was the perfect setting for an early dinner, promising a delightful experience.

Starting Off with a Flavorful Bang

Our culinary journey began with a crock of The Mariner Grille’s signature Prime Rib Chili. The chili, slow-cooked to perfection, was rich in flavor, with tender prime rib pieces that melted in our mouths. It was a hearty start to our meal, warming us up on a cool evening.

Alongside the chili, we indulged in an order of Fish Tacos. The tacos featured crispy fried cod, a perfect contrast to the soft flour tortilla shells. The addition of cilantro slaw, pico de gallo, and chipotle aioli added layers of flavor, making each bite a delightful fusion of textures and tastes.

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Fish Tacos

The Main Attraction

For our main course, we chose two standout dishes. My wife opted for the Steak Healey, an open-faced grilled ribeye sandwich. This dish was a carnivore’s dream – the ribeye was grilled to tender perfection, topped with melted Gorgonzola and rich demi-glace. The buttermilk-soaked fried onion rings added a crispy, flavorful touch that perfectly complemented the meat.

I, meanwhile, savored the Short Rib Ciabatta. The slow-braised short ribs were tender and flavorful, paired beautifully with Vermont cheddar. The pickled vegetables and red cabbage slaw brought a refreshing crunch to the sandwich, while the caramelized onions added a sweet depth. Each component of the dish worked harmoniously, creating a memorable and satisfying meal.

Both the Steak Healey and the Short Rib Ciabatta were accompanied by a generous mound of hand-cut, skin-on fries, which turned out to be a highlight in their own right. These fries were nothing short of culinary perfection. Each fry was golden-brown, with the skin adding a delightful rustic touch and an extra layer of flavor. The outside was satisfyingly crisp, giving way to a soft, fluffy interior that melted in our mouths. They were seasoned just right, enhancing their natural potato flavor without overpowering it. These fries were not just a side dish; they were a testament to the care and skill put into every aspect of our meal at The Mariner Grille.

Westerly Rhode Island Connecticut Web Design Graphic Design Flyers
Steak Healey w/ Fries
Westerly Rhode Island Connecticut Web Design Graphic Design Flyers
Short Rib Ciabatta w/ Fries

An Experience to Remember

Our early dinner at The Mariner Grille was not just about the food – it was an experience. The ambiance of the restaurant, with its warm lighting and comfortable seating, made us feel right at home. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable, enhancing our dining experience with their recommendations and care.

As we left the restaurant, we couldn’t help but feel that The Mariner Grille had given us more than just a meal; it had provided a delightful culinary adventure that we would cherish. Whether you’re a local or just passing through Narragansett, a visit to The Mariner Grille is a must for anyone seeking a dining experience that combines great food, a welcoming atmosphere, and the simple pleasure of a meal shared with loved ones.

Mariner Grille Info

Mariner Grille, nestled at 140 Point Judith Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882, offers a warm, inviting atmosphere for a memorable dining experience. In the heart of Narragansett, this culinary destination prides itself on a diverse menu that caters to all palates. For a sneak peek at their offerings or more information, visit their website at, and discover why Mariner Grille is a must-visit in Narragansett.

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